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DSC Training Academy FAQ Information for
Interested Participants

Requirements for acceptance to the DSC Training Academy? 
Minimum age 18
, valid driver's license, drug-free and pass DOT physical.

Days it takes to complete the DSC Training Academy CDL-A course? 
168 hours, approximately 4 weeks 

How many days will it take to complete the DSC Training Academy Refresher Course?
40 hours or 1week 

How much does it cost to attend the DSC Training Academy?
DSC has many training options, including tuition assistance and sponsored training programs. 

Do I have to sign a contract to attend?
Choose from a list of options for training and including job placement. 

Does DSC Training Academy offer paid training?
DSC offers an apprenticeship program for those who qualify.

Do you drug test at the DSC Training Academy?
Yes.  Department OF Transportation (DOT) urinalysis.

Is housing available with DSC Training Academy? 
DSC does provide housing options. Your admissions representative can assist with housing options. 

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